• Hand-crafted and designed women accessories such as shoes, bags and leather goods,
    scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas, jewelries, and other small items.
  • Technical and artistic design skills, technical knowledge of product prototype making,
    skilled at projecting correct product structure and components and heels for shoes.
  • Expert on materials such as leathers and fabrics as well as fabrics design and pattern,
    with an extensive knowledge on designing and testing new materials.
  • In-depth knowledge of the various production processes with the ability to select staff
    and manage a research and development team.


  • Possesses an extensive experience and know-how of manual conveyor production and process,
    able to optimize time and achieve goal within schedule.
  • Management of a production team.
  • Able to lead staff and monitor product quality through the various stages of production.


  • CEO of Alessandro Oteri Srl. and of Oteri Srl.
  • Director of Operations
  • Very talented at communication and strategy.
  • Managing a creative young team for style, research and marketing.



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