Alessandro Oteri was born in Genoa (Italy), on July 1st, 1968
Resident in Milan (Italy)

He attended Business and Economics at the University of Genoa (Italy)

1988 to 1994 – Once he completed high school, he entered the work field with L.A. Gear, the iconic 80’s sport brand, where he was in charge of merchandising at its exclusive distributor in Italy, France, and Malta.

1994 to 2000 – He collaborated with then emerging telephone companies Omnitel and Tim for the commercial and communication; and, trained staff in retail and store management. This experience has strengthened his expertise in the field of communication and marketing.

2002 – After an in depth experience in business management, Alessandro Oteri had a chance introduction to the world-renowned shoe factory in Vigevano, Italy when he worked with ‘Re Marcello.’ At first he was made in-charge of sales and production of the factory’s own brand - ‘Alessia Re’ where he gathered important field and press contacts. Impressed by his hard-work, Alessandro Oteri was later asked to follow the entire production, from design to production, of special projects for Manolo Blahnik as well as the first Christian Louboutin shoe samples for press.

This opportunity served as the final motivation for Alessandro to follow a private passion and dream of designing handcrafted shoes and accessories and led to the founding of his own business ‘Alessandro Oteri Srl.’ in September 2004.
In 2005, Alessandro presented his first collection, Anthology 2005 and in November 2005 he opened his first atelier store in Via Cerva, in Milano San Babila area. Since then, two collections per year were presented up to his last - Spring/Summer 2015.


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